Thompson Racing Fabrication Partners with the Flying Moose for BRZ Development

Thompson Racing Fabrication Partners with the Flying Moose for BRZ Development

As the dust begins to settle on their most successful season to date, the Flying Moose Rally Team is excited to announce a new dimension in their partnership with Thompson Racing Fabrication (TRF) with the development of a new Subaru BRZ. Comprehensive testing will culminate in a one-event shakedown to test the car’s limits and reveal its true competitiveness.

The BRZ is a new RWD platform that has had critics raving about its amazing handling characteristics for its relatively inexpensive price tag. It didn’t take long for TRF to dream up the idea to develop into a rally car with a formidable reputation. The new TRF/FMRT partnership hopes to enhance this image by proving how fast, fun, and reliable this car can be out on the stages.

After the event, the car will be available for customers in TRF’s new try-before-you buy program. In the program, teams can rent the car for a rally. If they decide to buy it, the cost of the rental will be applied to the final purchase price.

“This is a very fun time for FMRT,” says FMRT Driver, Ian Topping. “We’re coming off a very successful championship winning season and this is one of the projects we have in the oven, so to speak. It feels great to have the trust and confidence from TRF to take their brand new BRZ out on the stages. I have no doubt that we’ll be able to develop it into an amazing rally car that has unlimited potential.”

“The BRZ was purchased originally to supply a customer demand for rental rally cars”, explains TRF Owner, Ryan Thompson. ”As we get further and further along, we get more excited about this car, and this project. The car has far exceeded our expectations, and we feel the BRZ is going to make a superb G2 contender for years to come. With little modifications, we anticipate the car to be race ready at 2,500 pounds, with 200 WHP. 101” wheel base, a stock 6 speed manual gear box and limited slip rear differential, and rear wheel drive, this car will be extremely competitive, and even more fun to drive!”

You can follow development of the BRZ on the FMRT and TRF social media outlets:
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Twitter: @FlyingMooseRT
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