FMRT Slides Around at Sno*Drift

FMRT Slides Around at Sno*Drift

SnoDrift 2015 was an exhilarating success for the Flying Moose Rally Team. They finished 3rd on Friday in the Sno Rally and 2nd on Saturday in the Drift Rally.

Road conditions are always a major discussion point at Sno*Drift. As the prohibited use of studs means any presence of ice makes the rally exceptionally difficult, especially for FMRT in their RWD Volvo. This year there was ice, but a big snowfall on the day before the rally provided good grip on the first running of the stages.

The goal was to do better than last year, which meant finishing each day and having fun. The team achieved this and more with a podium finish each day.

Here’s FMRT Driver, Ian Topping, “This year we had a great time! The only drama was when we lost power steering and later got stuck in a bank on the first loop of stages. We were able to get out but we lost a couple minutes. I knew the snow banks were going to be very questionable since there wasn’t a lot of snowfall through the winter so I tried to keep it clean and stay off of them as much as possible. It’s so easy to get frustrated at this rally like we did last year. Our strategy of just finishing and not pushing 100% helped alleviate those issues. “

“This was also the first rally on the rebuild and the new engine so we didn’t want to push too hard. We just wanted make sure we had all of the bugs worked out before we really push the car at later events in the season. The team did a great job to keep the car running top notch. This is a great start to the season and we’ll try to build on this momentum going forward.”

The team’s next rally is the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, February 27th and 28th, in Salem, MO.

The Flying Moose Rally Team is proudly supported by Thompson Racing Fabrication.

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